Eve of Memory Minting Guide and FAQ

We’re very excited for the Eve of Memory Event to be launching on November 8. This post provides an overview of the on-chain elements of the event – the Watcher’s Ring Mint on L1, the purchase of Mana in-game, and the in-game minting of Quantum Gifts on L2. To Mint a Watcher’s Ring, purchase Mana, or mint a Quantum Gift from in-game, you’ll need ETH and a Crypto Wallet.

Minting Quantum Gifts

During the Gameplay Event, you’ll be able to earn Quantum Gifts from the Font of Memory or by crafting a perfect item.

Quantum Gift Details

Each Quantum Gift contains a unique cosmetic that will become available in the full release of Forgotten Runiverse – from Mounts and Familiars to Item Styles and Architectural Styles. These Gifts can be minted to Arbitrum using the in-game menu allowing them to be bought and sold on secondary markets. If you do not choose to mint your Quantum Gift, it will be tied to your game account and can be claimed in the full release.

To Mint a Quantum Gift, you will need to have a wallet connected and switch the Arbitrum Network. You’ll be required to sign the transaction and pay Gas on Arb’s network, which means you’ll need to bridge ETH to Arbitrum. Arbitrum’s technology keeps Gas fees very low and ensures a quick transaction time.

Seal of Tenure

Seals of Tenure are earnable from the Font of Memory. These Seals entitle the owner to claim a plot of land in Forgotten Runiverse.

To learn more about Land in Forgotten Runiverse, read our Land Blog or dive into the Whitepaper. As these Land Plots have not yet been minted, Seals are account-bound and cannot be minted. You do not currently need to connect a wallet to your account to earn a Seal of Tenure, however a wallet will be required prior to using the Seal of Tenure to claim a Land Plot after our public Land Sale.

  • Supply: 1,001 Plots
  • Probability:
    • Homestead (89.96%)
    • Settlement (9.01%)
    • Village (0.92%)
    • Town (0.11%).

A total of 1,001 Seals of Tenure can be granted as Blessings during the Eve of Memory Event. Once these Seals have been recovered from the Font of Memory, there will be no more Seals of Tenure available in the Eve of Memory Event.

In-Game Mana

You’ll be able to earn Mana by crafting items and sacrificing them in the Temple to release their creative energies. You’ll also be able to directly purchase Mana in-game using ETH on either Arbitrum or L1. Any unspent Mana will be retained by the account for use in future events or the game’s full release.

The quickest way to amass Mana in-game is to directly purchase it from the Store.

  • Payment Options: Arbitrum ETH, ETH
  • Mana Packs:
    • Small Pack: 800 Mana for .02 ETH
    • Medium Pack: 4,500 Mana for .1 ETH
    • Large Pack: 12,500 Mana for .25 ETH

Mana is also earned by breaking down items in the Temple. The Temple is unlocked after completing the in-game tutorial and awards varying amounts of Mana depending on the item being offered.

Font of Memory Blessings

The Font of Memory allows you to exchange Mana for Blessings in the Runiverse.

1 Blessing: 50 Mana | 10 Blessings: 500 Mana

These Blessings fall within three categories with varying rarity.

  1. Materials and Resources: Useful for crafting Memory Crystals and Equipment.
  2. Quantum Gifts: Each grants an Eve of Memory exclusive cosmetic that will become available in the full release of Forgotten Runiverse.
  3. Seals of Tenure: Add the holder to a claim list for Land after our first public Land Sale.

The odds table adjusts every 10 Blessings if you have not received a Quantum Gift or Seal of Tenure, and every 250 Blessings if you have not received a Seal of Tenure such that every 10 Blessings, you will be guaranteed to obtain either a Quantum Gift or Seal of Tenure, and every 250 Blessings you will be guaranteed to obtain a Seal of Tenure.

Watcher’s Ring Mint (Concluded)

View the collection: https://opensea.io/collection/forgotten-runiverse-watchers-rings
Improve your chance to earn Quantum Gifts and Seals of Tenure in the Eve of Memory Event.
Collection Supply: 700* rings
Where to Mint: https://mint.runiverse.world/
Contract: 0x5d4aA6fF9de7963eAD5a17B454dc1093ca9E98E7
Price: .015 ETH each
Chain: Ethereum
Limits: 1 per Wallet
Mint Begins: 9:00am PT, November 8 (See minting windows below)
Watcher’s Ring Benefits:

  • Claim bonus Mana (Premium Resource) in-game
    each day (250-500 per Ring) during the Eve of Memory Event
  • Improved Ability to earn Quantum Gift or Seal of Tenure from the Font of Memories (5-10% cheaper blessings per account) during the Eve of Memory Event
  • Reduced Cost to Imbue Crafted Items with Mana to improve the potential crafting outcome (30-50% discount per account) during the Eve of Memory Event
  • Exclusive Title, Cosmetics, and Bonus Mana in-game at the full release of Forgotten Runiverse

*15 total Rings will be minted by Bisonic to distribute to the Magic Machine team and Bisonic team leaving 685 rings mintable during the mint.

Minting Windows:

Wizard Window
Nov 8, 9:00:00 am PT – 9:29:59 am PT

This 30-minute window will allow all members of the Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult the opportunity to mint a ring before anyone else. Any wallet holding a Wizard or Souls at 10:00am PT on Nov 7 will be included in this window along with a 100 spots for specific partners.

Community Window
Nov 8, 9:30:00 am PT – 9:59:59 am PT

This 30-minute window will allow engaged community members the chance to mint any remaining rings following the Wizard Window, as well as holders of Warriors. We’ll generate this Community List from a selection of users signed up on our Premint as well as any holder of a Forgotten Runes collection NFT. For a chance to join the Community Window, sign up on Premint at https://premint.xyz/forgotten-runiverse

Open Public Mint
Nov 8, 10:00:00 am PT – Nov 15, 9:59:59am PT

Coinciding with the official launch of the in-game Eve of Memory event, and following the Community Window, anyone with a wallet may connect and mint any remaining rings.


Why should I participate in this event?
By participating you’ll get an early look and the chance to provide feedback on the gameplay of Forgotten Runiverse, as well as the opportunity to earn Quantum Gifts or Seals of Tenure. Participating will also mark you as an active member of the Forgotten Runiverse community and let us know to prioritize you for future activities related to the game.

How do I get ETH?
To buy ETH easily, use a crypto exchange like Coinbase or Gemeni.

Most exchanges require identity verification before you can buy crypto. This process can take several days, so if you’re new, it’s a good idea to set up your account ahead of time.

After buying ETH, you’ll need to transfer it to a personal wallet, such as Metamask or Rabby For step-by-step instructions, refer to guide for transferring funds to Metamask.

How do I get on the early Wizard Window or Community Window for the mint?
To join the Wizard Window, you must hold a Forgotten Runes Wizard in your wallet when we take the snapshot at 10am PT on Nov 7.
For a chance to join the Community Window, sign up on Premint or hold one of the other Forgotten Runes NFTs when we take our snapshot at 10am PT on Nov 7.

Where do I go to Mint?
When the mint is live, head over to https://mint.runiverse.world/

After you mint, you can view and trade your ring on OpenSea.

To earn the benefits from Rings, you’ll simply need to connect your wallet to the Forgotten Runiverse game when the event starts.

What happened to the Land Sale?
We’re still planning a Community and future Public Land Sales. We’re using this event as an opportunity to experience part of the game and potentially earn the right to claim a Land Plot through the Font of Memories.

I’ve already signed up on the Premint for the Land Sale, do I need to sign up again?
No, any existing sign up will be potentially eligible to join the Community Window for rings, and will also remain eligible to join a future land sale.

Do I need a Watcher’s Ring to play?
No purchase of a watcher’s ring is required to play. Owning one will improve your chances to earn better rewards from the Font of Memory, and maybe have some other special benefits in the future.

What Chain are the Rings on?
Watcher’s Rings are not created from the game experience and therefore exist as a collection on Ethereum Mainnet rather than Arbitrum.

Do I need more than one Ring?
No, but having more than one will allow you to claim additional Mana in-game.

Does it matter which Ring I have?
Each Ring is unique and may convey special benefits to the holder depending on the Wizard color it is aligned with. For this event, the Watcher’s Iridescent Ring will convey the strongest benefit in-game.

Do holders of Forgotten Runes NFTs get any benefits from this event?
Forgotten Runes holders will have guaranteed access to either the Wizard Window or Community Window for the Watcher’s Ring Mint. Wizard and Soul holders will be able to mint in the first and second windows, and Warriors will be able to mint in the second window as well.

Additionally, Wizard holders will be able to use their Wizard NFT in-game.

What is Mana?
Mana is a premium resource in Forgotten Runiverse. It allows you to add magic back into the world and can be used during the Eve of Memory Event to imbue crafting to improve the quality of the resulting item, or contributed to the Font of Memory in exchange for blessings from the past.

What happens to any Mana I don’t spend during the event?
Any purchased Mana will remain in your account and can be used in future events or at the game’s full release. Please note that the value of your mana may change in future events to account for balance in the game.

What Rewards can I earn?
The primary rewards for the Eve of Memory Event are Quantum Gifts and Seals of Tenure. Quantum Gifts are unique cosmetic items that will only ever be available during the Eve of Memory Event. These can be minted to Arbitrum to display, resell or trade. Unminted Quantum Gifts will remain in the account they were earned in until the game’s full release. Seals of Tenure grant the owner entry to a claim list for Land Plots. These rewards are locked to an account and will be claimable after the first public land sale.

Do I lose my progress after the event?
As an early Demo build of the game, any in-game progress you make like leveling up a character is limited to this event. Mana, Quantum Gifts, and Seals of Tenure in an account at the conclusion of the event will be tied to the account for the game’s full release.

How do I ‘create’ in the game?
All items in Forgotten Runiverse are the result of player action and creativity. You can create during the Eve of Memory Event by gathering resources through combat or in the Wild along with Recipes. Once you inscribe a Recipe in the Forge or Mage Workshop, you’ll be able to create that item using the materials you’ve gathered.

How complete is the game?
This event is a vertical slice or demo of a small portion of Forgotten Runiverse. It is currently missing significant portions of the complete game experience including the full crafting system, Land interaction, item minting, exploration, dungeons, PvP and more.

Where do I go if I have an issue during the event?
You can head to our Discord and join the ‘Ticket’ channel to submit a ticket to our support team.