Forgotten Runiverse


in the most magical metaverse on Web3.

An interactive fantasy MMO based on the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult.

The Runiverse is open to anyone. Even if you don’t own a Forgotten Runes Wizard NFT, you can create an avatar in the game and own land, adventure, role play, create, and earn.

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    • Hunt. Discover hidden secrets and quests and hunt a wide array of monsters and creatures for rare treasures.
    • Gather. Collect rare region-specific resources in the furthest reaches of the Runiverse.
    • Craft. Craft and forge spells, weapons, armor, houses, decorations, paintings, music, and more, each with unique qualities determined by both materials and your mastery of crafting. Sell your creations in-game and on secondary markets. Find recipes and unlock new craftables. 
    • Harvest. Each plot has a unique combination of resources and owners can stake land to harvest them.
    • Mint. Mint land and build anything from a peaceful homestead to a sprawling capital, or buy and sell plots on secondary markets. 
    • Build. Build structures like Gathering Stations, Mage Workshops, Forges, Treasuries, and more. Upgrade and customize your buildings with crafted decorations. 
    • Earn. Earn money by renting land to homeowners and mercantile guilds. Permissions are configurable down to 8×8 subplots, supporting residential and commercial zoning.
    • Sell. Generate fees on services you provide on your property. Host and sell tickets to events like skills competitions, mini game nights, lore readings, and concerts.
    The Runiverse
    • Resources. Resources such as pine, oak, copper, quartz, limestone, flax, and cotton are used for crafting items, building houses, enchanting, and more. 
    • Rarity. Resources range in rarity from common to legendary. Resources influence cosmetic appearance and quality of crafted items. You can find resources at gathering stations built on plots, resource nodes in the world, and rewards from defeating enemies.
    • Gold. Gold is the in-game currency used for shopping, trading, renting land, and as a transaction fee. You can get more gold by defeating enemies in battle encounters and by selling goods, tickets, and renting land.
    • Premium. Premium resources such as mana and aether are required for crafting the rarest items and influencing crafting and enchanting outcomes. You can harvest these rare goods by staking land.
    • Adventure. Take on whatever role you choose in this magical world and equip Memory Crystals to specialize and upgrade your character. 
    • Fight. Group Battle with friends and heal, fireball, and slash your way through intense PvE and PvP encounters for epic loot. 
    • Level Up. Advance through 50 levels, unlocking powerful abilities.
    • Vibe out. Relax after a hard-won battle by talking with your friends in a guildhall. Host events like a mini game night or a lore reading and sell tickets. Collect art and build a gallery open to all.

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Land sales are coming soon! Buy, sell, rent, and create the ultimate dwelling for your wizard.

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Every Item is an NFT, Every Resource is a Token.

Forgotten Runiverse will be supported by on-chain elements that empower players to create and mint their own custom NFTs. The Forgotten Runiverse features a blockchain native economy where everything is created by players, all built on web3.

Runiverse Economy

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  • The Forgotten Runiverse is a vast, massively multiplayer, free-to-play, pixel art MMORPG. It’s inspired by the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult IP, a collection of 10,000 unique NFT wizards. In the Runiverse, players band together to form guilds, embark in PvE expeditions, and engage in monthly PvP leagues, all the while crafting a variety of items by gathering resources from all over the world. They can claim true ownership of resources, items, and even areas of the world by minting them into the Ethereum blockchain.

  • After setting up an account, you can log onto our server and create a Wizard.  Wizards are magic users that must use memory crystals to unlock new abilities and improve their stats, and use weapons, suits, and hats to empower their abilities. In the Runiverse, crystals and equipment are not just things you can buy in stores or find lying around; they are craftable items that you have to make yourself by following recipes and combining materials. Each time you encounter an enemy, you will obtain either materials or recipes for new crystals or equipment, which, after crafted, will allow you to encounter and defeat stronger monsters that reward you with rarer recipes and materials. As Wizards face the dangers of The Runiverse, they grow wiser, advancing towards the coveted Level 50, and specializing along the way in one of seven schools of magic.

  • Yes! One of our main design goals is to create a game that encouraged exploration and community interaction even more so than it did combat. Wizards can explore a vast, ever-expanding world and find, across its varied landscapes, ancient ruins full of treasures, whimsical quests that reflect the community’s own narrative undertakings, and a variety of mini-games that include pixel-art painting, fishing, and trivia.

  • No! You can also purchase plots of land to build on. Buildings can be improved with a variety of decorations that are also craftable assets. You can earn gold by building things like shops or arenas on your land and selling goods or tickets to events.

  • We know 🙂

  • Minting a digital item into a blockchain engraves it with a unique digital signature; imagine engraving a ring with your own name. 

  • The Runiverse, with its extremely crafting-oriented systems, invites players to continually search for new recipes and material combinations. This permanent generation of unique, almost “hand-made” items, is what justifies NFT integration. Like master craftspersons, players can “sign” rare or unique crystals, weapons, and decorations through the minting process.

  • One sentence: Minting as the end-result of the player experience and not as a necessary step along the way. Though The Runiverse allows players to mint any in-game asset they own (from resources, to materials, to items), the game strongly encourages them to focus their minting on the unique pixel-art creations they craft.

  • Everything you do from combat to harvesting to crafting is skill based. There are mini games throughout and how well you do in the mini games determines how advanced your skills are.

  • Forgotten Runiverse is a massive game, so it is hard to pinpoint a release date as development iterations and improvements alter our timelines. We’re planning to have an Early Access version available at some point in 2022 to show off the main gameplay elements with a V1.0 release in early 2023. We’ll continue to update the game and release content long after the initial 1.0 release.

  • Forgotten Runes is a web-based game.

  • Both! You can fight and interact with both your environment and other players.

  • Yes! Every system in the game allows the players to truly customize items and decorations. In the end game, all the crafting systems become a sandbox game on their own where players can keep creating and customizing items by looking for new combinations.

  • Forgotten Runiverse is not pay-to-win because the NFT related mechanics do not compete with the core gameplay loop. 

  • No you don’t! In the game you can create your own Wizard avatar. Pick from a variety of head types, hair styles, and body types to create your own avatar..

  • Players with NFT Wizards will have access to exclusive visual effects and cosmetics, but not exclusive game content.

  • Every item that characters use are crafted by players. Players can craft items such as houses, art, and more. They can build homes and cities with materials that they harvest, win, or buy. They can also customize things like weapons and armor to make them uniquely theirs. This means that the players will eventually be in control of the meta game both in PvP and PvE and they will eventually determine the way the game’s economy goes. The developers just provide players with the set of tools to use, the materials to craft, and the land. What they do with those things are completely up to them.

  • Land in Forgotten Runiverse is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that takes the form of different types of land plots players can purchase, build upon, develop, rent, and sell. There are five types of land plots: 8×8 Homestead, 16×16 Settlement, 32×32 Village, 64×64 Town, and 128×128 Cities.
  • Yes. Plots are sub-dividable down to 8×8 plots. You can decide what you want to zone as residential and commercial when you rent or sell it.

  • The Forgotten Runiverse community land sales are a series of online events, during which interested community members can purchase parcels of land in the world of Forgotten Runiverse.

  • For each land sale, a fixed amount of land will be available to purchase. Only those who have been put on the allow list will be able to have the opportunity to purchase land. Only homesteads, settlements, and villages will be available for purchase in the community land sales. When you choose the size plot you’d like and purchase, and the game will randomly select where your plot will be located.

  • Those who are on the allow list will have the first opportunity to purchase during every community land sale. Allow list space is limited and is not guaranteed. Sign up on our Premint page to join the allow list. You can also sign up for our email newsletter and participate in our community to improve your placement on the allow list.

  • Anyone who owns a Forgotten Runes Wizard or signs up on our Premint page here.

  • They do, but there is a cap on how much of each plot type an individual player can purchase.

  • The Forgotten Runiverse uses Ethereum blockchain technology to power land ownership and other NFTs in the game. Nearly everything you create in the Runiverse will be truly owned by you, which means you can freely buy, sell, and trade them for in-game gold. Each item you craft and plot of land that you build on will have a unique story to tell, all determined by what you and other players decide to do with it. The blockchain is a public database. This allows players to freely and securely buy, sell, and trade nearly everything they craft, even on secondary markets, and provides the digital scarcity of craftables and in-game land. A smart contract, which is a program that runs on the blockchain, is connected to each NFT. This ensures that no one, including us developers, can ever create more copies of an item. It also means that no one can hack the technology. All of the transactions are verified by the thousands of computers in the Ethereum blockchain network and attempts to “hack” the system to falsely verify a transaction is virtually impossible, as there’s no single-point-of-failure server to attack.

  • We want to be honest with you as a game company: yes, we do. Many game companies got into NFTs because they can benefit from secondary markets for the first time ever. But here’s the thing with Forgotten Runiverse: Getting resources from the secondary market allows the game to be self-sufficient. The health of our servers and content benefits from the resales on the secondary markets. So in effect, you are helping to keep the Forgotten Runiverse world alive and thriving every time you buy or sell in the game. Plus, if our game is not engaging, then the secondary markets won’t flourish and we won’t benefit. So it’s in everyone’s best interest for us to make a stellar game.

  • Gold is the in-game currency used to buy and sell goods.

  • On release, the game will have a 50 level system. Upon reaching certain levels, players will be able to choose to specialize in one of seven schools of magic. Specializing in a certain school allows characters to attune to higher level memory crystals and each school has certain abilities associated with it. Some regions of the game are only accessible to those who are part of a certain school.

  • Memory crystals provide stat boosts and unlock new abilities for the character wielding it. Wizards don’t have innate abilities, so they use memory crystals that contain abilities. When a Wizard uses a certain crystal, it remembers that ability. There are four types of memory crystals: basic crystals, high crystals, heart crystals, and soul crystals.

  • Abilities are divided into four tiers, just like the memory crystals that contain them: Basic abilities that are common to every player and every wizard has access to them; specialized High abilities from the player’s school of magic; Heart abilities that grant you passive abilities and buffs; and Soul abilities that are exclusive abilities you get for following your specialization path.

    You can also Sync abilities with another player. When two players combine abilities they create a new ability. For example, if one player has a fireball and a second player has a wall, they could potentially create a fire wall.

  • Weapons and equipment are enhancers for the memory crystals and the abilities they provide.

  • Upon release, players will be able to equip with suits, weapons, and head gear such as hats and helmets. We’ll be adding even more, so stay tuned! 

  • There will be hundreds of weapon types from brooms, to rocks, to torches, to mushrooms, to swords! Anything you can choose from a collection of visual recipes can be a “weapon,” from the traditional to the unique. Think of weapons as amplifiers of your magical abilities.

  • Happily, the pixel-art design of the game means that lower spec systems will be able to play. As we near release, we’ll have minimum specs that will be required for a good experience.