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Watcher's Rings

Minted before the Eve of Memory as a limited collection of 700 NFTs, the Watcher’s Rings connect the most ardent supporters of the Forgotten Runiverse and grant them benefits pre-launch and throughout the life of the game. In pre-launch Alpha events, the Rings will grant their owners bonus Mana, while in Beta and beyond holders will be entitled to unique cosmetics, access to the Secret Tower and more.


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Land Overview

The Forgotten Runiverse

  • The Runiverse covers over 180 square km and is populated with forests, deserts, mountains, swamps, and more.
  • Across the sprawling world sit 70,000 plots of land for Wizards to inhabit and build on.
  • 6 Pre-Established Urban centers and 7 Cities will serve as hubs for commerce, gathering, and events.
  • Each plot of land is unique with its own distribution of resources and can be improved and used for harvesting, crafting, rented, and bought or sold on secondary markets.



  • Each special pre-alpha event in Forgotten Runiverse comes with the opportunity to earn exclusive mintable rewards. In the full release of the game you will be able to mint any game item you earn!
  • In the Eve of Memory players earned Quantum Gifts – unique cosmetic items from mounts to housing styles.
  • In New Foundations players will earn a new unique set of cosmetic items.

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