2024 Production Plan

Wow, this year has started quickly! The development team is rushing along, with four Events planned for 2024 (one approximately every quarter depending on development realities). With the Eve of Memory event last year, we recognized the importance of putting what we’re building into your hands on a regular basis no matter how unfinished we might feel it is. Doing so allows us to get feedback and iterate rapidly on incremental improvements both in terms of Gameplay and Lore.

New Foundations, the first of our planned Events for the year will allow you to Mint Seals of Tenure you’ve obtained and interact with Plots throughout the World Map at the end of Q1.

That’s right, proper NFT plots are coming in the very near future! So let’s talk about how that’s all going to happen.

New Foundations

After finding a foothold in the Runiverse in the Eve of Memory, your combined efforts returned almost 20 million Mana to the world. This influx of magic helped push back the Absence even further, and revealed a duo that Alberto was long hoping to find – the dwarf builders Pound and Nail.

These legendary builders are the key to laying your own foundations in the ruins of the Runiverse and so it will be vital to bring them back into the fold and safety of the Wizard Encampment to maximize the use of your freshly minted Seals of Tenure (closer to release we’ll share more about them and their gameplay significance).

On a more technical level, New Foundations builds incrementally on the content from the Eve of Memory – we’ll be introducing new mintable rewards, combat opportunities, recipes, and areas to explore. You’ll also notice a number of quality of life improvements throughout the gameplay experience that come directly from feedback given by you, the Players.

Building to Alpha

We’ve long been discussing when an ‘alpha’ version of Forgotten Runiverse will be available, and though we don’t know exactly yet, we do know that it will be once we have every core gameplay system implemented (these include a meaningful open-world experience, a solid Player progression built around wizard Color Specializations, and a functioning, balanced economy).

To get there we’re committing to these incremental builds/events which will have – besides large feature additions – improvements and polish to existing systems. In the case of New Foundations, for example, improvements are mostly focused on back-end tech updates (server improvements, security) and plot-related features (like cities and minting).

As you join each event (which we’d highly encourage doing!) you’ll notice continued iteration on systems across the game like chat and rumor (quest) tracking in your journal, along with little improvements that will make the world continue to feel even more alive.  

With an Event launching approximately every quarter, we’re excited to hear your feedback and have the opportunity to join you all in the world as it grows and we add important features like dungeons, cities, open world exploration and more. Leading up to each event we’ll be providing an update on development and build notes to keep you in the loop and requesting your feedback on content and systems. 

When we set out on this journey more than two years ago, we knew our plan to build a proper web3 MMO was ambitious, and we’re immensely grateful to all of you who have stuck it out with us so far. It’s not an easy journey, but our team is committed to continuing to build and provide a gameplay experience that we can all be proud of. Look out for more specifics and reveals this March!