An Introduction to the Forgotten Runiverse

Welcome to the Forgotten Runiverse, a vast MMORPG where every item is an NFT and every resource is a token based on the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult. This article lays out our broad vision for the world to give you an idea of what you can expect from the finished game. But keep in mind, as a large project with active development, some aspects may change through testing and iteration in development.

The Forgotten Runiverse game will be played in-browser, making it accessible to almost anyone, and won’t require owning a special NFT to participate, though you may earn some bonuses from being part of the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult. 

We believe in equitable experiences where the main beneficiary is the community, so Forgotten Runiverse can be played for free, and anyone can create in-game to earn. In the Runiverse, you can claim true ownership of resources, items, and even areas of the world by minting them into the Ethereum blockchain, selling them on secondary markets, and earning royalties on their sale. 

This MMORPG is ambitious, with a land mass covering over 180 square km. We have a lot of world to build, and as such we’ll continue adding content guided by the community for long after the game’s V1 release.

Welcome to the Runiverse

The Forgotten Runiverse world is made up of incredible landscapes. As you explore, you’ll be met with everything from vibrant, emerald green grasslands to dry, sun-baked deserts. Tall mountains loom over the far reaches of the Runiverse, casting their shadows onto villages nestled at their base. Lush forests make the perfect place to rest under the shade of a tree. The seaside brings a breath of salt-air with its flour-soft sand and pale blue waters. As you journey across these varied biomes, you’ll come across influences from a variety of cultures – a cataclysmic event tore the world to shreds and left the people to rebuild it themselves using what resources, technology and magic they had. 

This rebuilding of a new world has left fractures and factions for the inhabitants of the land. Each of seven political factions vies for power and has established their own outposts reflective of the values they hold most dear. You can learn more about each faction in the Book of Lore.

You’ll interact with the world in a variety of ways – from traditional MMORPG experiences like leveling up and questing, to more unique ways like minting items to the blockchain and improving land for all to use.

Beginning Your Adventure

The first core element of gameplay is, well, playing as an adventurer in this vast world! Since anyone can play the game, when you first load up the game you’ll either import your Wizard from a connected wallet, or create a new character. 

As you might expect, you’ll then be led through a first-time user experience to help you understand the different activities of the game. This will teach you about some of the basic content below.

Exploring and Questing

While the world will really be a place to play, explore, and create your own experiences, quests will  help you to uncover the various storylines embedded in the Runiverse. Some of these will come from our writing team, and others will be sourced from the community’s own narrative undertakings. You’ll discover them from talking to NPCs, finding secret scrolls, or sometimes just as live events within the world.

These quests that might require you to defeat a big bad necromancer in the Fey, or to return little Jimmy’s lost hat. Some quests are solo quests, while others will require you to join forces with other wizards, or friends from your guilds to complete. Each quest has different rewards that might range from gold and treasures to bonus XP, powerful items, or new crafting recipes. 
Sometimes these quests may require you to engage in one or multiple of the various other activities in the game such as mining, forging, singing, weaving, and glassblowing.


Inevitably in a world as fractured and large as the Runiverse, you’ll end up in situations where you’ll come into conflict with nefarious characters or critters. In these situations, you’ll need to rely on your skills and abilities to defeat them. These combat scenarios will play out similar to what you see above – each character will build up an activity bar dependent on their stats, and can use actions such as spells, defenses, or attacks to whittle down (or blow up) their foes. 

How quickly you can act, and what your character will be able to do will be dependent on your item loadout alone so everyone starts out on a level playing field. You’ll be able to group battle with up to three friends and heal, fireball, and slash your way through intense PvE and PvP encounters.

Leveling Up and Personalization

The rewards you’ll gain from combat, trading, and questing will allow you to improve and customize your character. As you gain XP, you’ll climb your way to level 50 and increase your maximum power and the ways you can customize your character by choosing a school of magic to associate with and a specialization path.

Wizards don’t have innate abilities, so they use Memory Crystals that contain abilities and modify their six core stats: Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Constitution, Willpower and Luck. Memory Crystals provide stat boosts and unlock new abilities for the character wielding them. When a Wizard uses a certain crystal, they remember that ability.

There are four types of Memory Crystals: basic crystals, high crystals, heart crystals, and soul crystals. Just like the Memory Crystals that house them, abilities are divided into four types: Basic, High, Heart, and Soul. Each type of Crystal will impact a different element of your character.

When you start out, you’ll stick with Basic Memory Crystals that are available to anyone and will allow you a broad range of abilities and characteristics. As you progress you’ll unlock access to different sets of High, Heart, and Soul abilities depending on how you customize your character.


Communication and community are important in a virtual world, so we’re also building chat tools and guild tools that you’ll be able to use to communicate with friends and strangers, trade, and group up. As you discover new and better recipes and items, you’ll be able to trade them with your fellow adventurers, and of course, celebrate with fun emotes and dance moves. 

When a day of epic battles is done, you can rest your weary soul in a Guildhall and relax with friends. Guild Halls and other buildings will be the source of a variety of other social activities and events like mini-games, lore reading, or private ticketed events.

Creating and Minting

One of the best ways to have something to trade is of course creating that something! A huge part of creating in Forgotten Runiverse is crafting your own unique items. We’re developing a system that will let you harvest materials from the wild and player owned plots all across the world, discover and learn recipes, and enhance your crafting skills to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind creations in game that you’ll be able to mint to the blockchain and trade in-game or on secondary markets. 

All across the Runiverse, you’ll find region-specific resources that you can gather with various rarities. Each Land Plot in-game will also have a unique combination of resources inherent to it. These will vary depending on the location of the Land and the size. These resources will be able to be extracted, and Land Owners can improve or increase their yield by making improvements to the Plot through buildings or other means. You’ll also gain materials through combat and quests.

On your adventures, you’ll discover and collect Recipes and Styles to fill your Recipe Book. Each Recipe will have specific resources it requires, and can be modified with the addition of Styles or by applying specific additional materials. By combining rare, region-specific resources, you can use them to craft and forge spells, weapons, armor, houses, decorations, paintings, music, and more if you have attained the right recipes. Resources influence what your items look like as well as their quality while your mastery of crafting determines the value and attributes of your new item. You’ll be able to sell your creations in-game, or Mint them to the Ethereum blockchain to display or sell on secondary markets.

Most resources such as pine, oak, copper, quartz, limestone, flax, and cotton can be found without too much trouble, but there are some rare resources that will require you to put in the extra work. And it is said that there are even legendary resources that will really put your character to the test.

Gold is the in-game currency used for shopping, trading, renting land, and as a transaction fee. You can get more gold by defeating enemies in battle encounters and by selling goods, tickets, and renting land.

Owning Land

As you may have noticed, Land Plot NFTs are an exciting element of the game. Across the entire Runiverse, there will only ever be 70,000 Plots. Each Plot will be unique in its location, raw materials, and use, and will be Minted to the Ethereum blockchain and tradable on secondary markets. 

Within the Runiverse, there are five different types of plots from peaceful homesteads to sprawling cities.

Land will have a variety of uses and ways that it can be customized. You’ll be able to Rent your Land, or a portion of it to other players (if you have a large enough Plot) to use, or Build a variety of structures on your land. 

We’re planning for a large variety of structures on your land such as Mines to improve harvesting yields, Mage Workshops to make spells and Memory Crystals, Forges to craft equipment, Arenas to host tournaments and PvP events, and Guild Halls to host gatherings, share knowledge and host events. These structures will allow you to customize how your Plot is used, and the benefits to both yourself and the community that it gives.

As the Owner of a Land Plot, you’ll benefit from other players making use of it – you’ll retain a portion of any materials harvested from your land, earn a portion of the crafting fee, or generate revenue by allowing other players access to build housing or other structures on the Land. The more you improve your land and benefit the community of adventurers, the more you’ll see benefits for yourself!

If your Land Plot is large enough, like say a Village, Town, or City, you’ll see even greater benefits and will be able to decide which parts of your land will be available for residential and commercial zoning. 

Interested in owning land? Join the Allow List for our upcoming land sale. Whoever owns each plot controls it: they can build, set permissions, harvest, and more.

What’s Next

We could go on and on about our plans for Forgotten Runiverse and our excitement to be building a virtual world for the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult and all fans of fantasy games and adventure. This is all a work in progress, and we’ll continue to share details about it and refine systems throughout the game’s development. If you want to stay in the loop as we release new details, or be one of the first to Mint Land and experience the Runiverse, make sure to join and participate in our community!


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