2024 Production Plan

Wow, this year has started quickly! The development team is rushing along, with four Events planned for 2024 (one approximately every quarter depending on development realities). With the Eve of Memory event last year, we recognized the importance of putting what we’re building into your hands on a regular basis no matter how unfinished we… Continue reading 2024 Production Plan Read More
Forgotten Runiverse coming soon to the Epic Games Store

Forgotten Runiverse Coming Soon to the Epic Games Store

We are incredibly excited to announce that Forgotten Runiverse will see a release on the Epic Games Store in 2024! This upcoming release will let you easily download and play Forgotten Runiverse directly from one of the top games distribution platforms and signals yet another step toward mainstream adoption of the incredible benefits that web3… Continue reading Forgotten Runiverse Coming Soon to the Epic Games Store Read More

Play card games, win Land!

Gather your decks and summon your magic, for a thrilling trading card game contest is afoot! We’re proud to sponsor a thrilling tournament, featuring the Runes Trading Card Game developed by community members Giveahoot and Leon Gharib! Organizing and hosting the tournament is Meepledad, who will be providing instructions on the Runes TCG Discord throughout… Continue reading Play card games, win Land! Read More