Play card games, win Land!

Gather your decks and summon your magic, for a thrilling trading card game contest is afoot! We’re proud to sponsor a thrilling tournament, featuring the Runes Trading Card Game developed by community members Giveahoot and Leon Gharib! Organizing and hosting the tournament is Meepledad, who will be providing instructions on the Runes TCG Discord throughout the event.

Wizards throughout the land know that Runes is an easy-to-learn, yet strategically deep game that tests your skills and tactics against others. And now, you have the chance to win big in this contest – from free Forgotten Runiverse land, to allowlist spots in our upcoming Land Sale, and more! So ready your spells and prepare to duel for epic prizes!

About Runes TCG

As a community built project, the Runes TCG is not officially affiliated with Bisonic or the Forgotten Runiverse MMO, but is just as much a part of the Forgotten Runes ecosystem as we are. Runes TCG is a free-to-play card game utilizing the Polygon blockchain, with 140 unique cards featuring artwork from 7 prominent community pixel artists. Each card is inscribed with rich lore, adding a deep element of world-building to Forgotten Runes.

At the start of the game, players may pick 5 cards they own to use in the match. Games are played on a 3×3 grid that two players take turns placing cards on. Every card has single digit values on each of its sides, which is used to capture control of the game board. The objective of the game is to take over as much of the board as you can by capturing squares from your opponent with higher valued cards.

Games typically last around 5 minutes and it’s easy enough to learn that it can be picked up in less time than that. For a full breakdown of the game’s rules, check out their tutorial or ask for help in their Discord. There is an AI training dummy that you can practice against at any time to learn the ropes.

Runiverse Runes Rush Tournament

Starting February we will be sponsoring a tournament utilizing the Runes TCG. Sign up for the tournament using this form by March 4th 12AM EST. Participants will receive a free standard Runes booster pack to immediately expand their playable options in matches! The tournament will begin March 6th, in week long rounds leading to the grand playoff on April 1st 11AM EST. The prizes for winners are as follows:

1st place: 1x free Homestead Runiverse land plot
2nd place: 3x Special Edition booster packs + Forgotten Runiverse land sale allowlist
3rd-4th place: 2x Special Edition booster packs + Forgotten Runiverse land sale allowlist
5th-8th place: 1x Special Edition booster pack
9th-16th place: 1x First Edition booster pack

Tournament Rules

Runes TCG is free to play, utilizing the free booster packs on the site. All tournament participant will also win a free standard edition booster pack for additional cards. No purchase is necessary to participate in the tournament. Additional booster packs can be purchased for larger card variety.

All matches should follow the format of best 2 of 3. Each card has an assigned “Potency” value based on its relative strength, which can be viewed on the card select screen prior to a match. Matches should use a potency cap of 20 for balance purposes, though the tournament may have rounds that adjust this potency cap. Read the official tutorial for more information on the Potency mechanic.

Each round of the tournament will put players against a designated opponent. Matches are fast, so a full best 2 of 3 set should take about 20 minutes or less. Players should coordinate with each other to schedule times for their matches and inform the tournament organizer in the Runes TCG Discord of the proposed time. Our tournament host Meepledad will be available to help coordinate or answer any questions within the Runes TCG Discord, so feel free to inquire him if any help is needed.