Press Release: Bisonic and Magic Machine Announce Private Investment Round


Ryan Zurrer’s Dialectic Takes Lead Investment 

Reddit Cofounder Alexis Ohanian’s 776 in Second Position

The investment bolsters resources and team behind the innovative Blockchain based Web3 game debuting in 2022

(Los Angeles, CA, Austin, Tx) – 04/13/21 – Game developer and publisher Bisonic Inc., along with Austin and Los Angeles based Magic Machine, have closed a funding round with strategic investors for Land Tokens that will exist in Bisonic’s upcoming MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Forgotten Runiverse, based on Magic Machine’s Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult, a collection of ten thousand pixelated Wizards on the Ethereum blockchain. The web3 interactive fantasy game which is in production will be a hub for a variety of games and experiences including mining resources, crafting items, ownership of land, socializing, epic quests, battles, and more. In their “create to earn” economy, every item is an nft and every resource is a token. Bisonic Inc, a company backed by industry veterans is developing and publishing the game with Magic Machine.

Swiss capital enterprise Dialectic, founded and directed by Ryan Zurrer, the recent buyer of Beeple’s Human One sculpture, is leading the  private land sale for FRWC’s fantastical game. Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian’s 776 Fund also joins the initial investment round. Additional investors in the round include Libertus Capital, Kenetic Capital, Placeholder, Wenew, FutureCorp, 1confirmation and crypto twitter royalty Fiskantes, Deeze, and Soby. 

“As our team at Dialectic spent more time in the Wizards community, we’ve been constantly impressed by the spirit of innovation around IP rights for Wizard holders and the level of commitment from such a highly engaged and diverse community aptly named a “cult.” The remarkable execution led by Dotta, ElfJTrul, and Bearsnake, who have built at an amazing pace, is inspiring. We are committed to continuing to build infrastructure and support the deepening Lore of this special group. We are also grateful to have extraordinary co-investors such as 776 and 1Confirmation join this land sale. Alexis and Nick are some of the leading minds in the evolution of Web3 culture in the metaverse and I think this validates the quality of the Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult. The future looks bright on the horizon of Alessar’s Keep.” stated Ryan Zurrer.

“I was extremely impressed by the vision and innovation coming from the teams at Bisonic and Magic Machine when I first spoke with them. After getting to know their project at an even deeper level, it was a no-brainer for 776 to get involved. The excitement from the community Magic Machine has built is infectious. We love that they’re looking to take care of their community and are thoughtful about the way they’re working to bring value to the whole Forgotten Runes cult. Projects like this are the ones that are transforming and leading the Web3 space and we’re excited and honored that they’re letting us join them for the journey.” stated Alexis Ohanian.  

“We’re very excited to have the support of Ryan, Alexis, and the rest of our investors for this project. Their knowledge and excitement for the world of crypto, and their strategic vision will be instrumental in helping us deliver a truly innovative and sustainable new web3 game. We’re grateful to have the trust of these visionary community leaders, and excited to continue building this experience, and to open up access to Land to the broader community in the near future,” stated Bisonic’s leadership team. 

“Ryan, Alexis’ and the entire team that have come on board are a testament to the viability of the Forgotten Runiverse game. Wizard holders have experienced first-hand the commitment that the community at large have and the opportunity for tremendous creative growth now and into the future. Their joining our holders in our first land sale of the FRWC game solidified for us the impact we are having in building a culture and world that provides creative engagement and deserves greater expansion for fantasy fans,” stated the founding team at Magic Machine. 

The game’s development is well underway and will host a public facing land sale in the coming months. Land is broken up into various sizes where landowners can build an array of structures including customizable homes, guildhalls, Mines, Mage Workshops, Forges, galleries, battle Arenas, and more. While non-property owners will enjoy a full game experience, ownership of land brings additional layers of utility differentiating the Runiverse from other metaverse land plots. Players can generate fees based off services provided on property, rent out land to other users, harvest resources by staking plots, host events like skills competitions, mini game nights, poetry readings and concerts. 

The unique economy is blockchain native allowing rich characters to be created in a democratized setting with diverse PvE and PvP game play. A beta version of the game will go live later this year prior to the game’s official launch. 

Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult is a collaborative legendarium rooted in blockchain technology. Wizard holders own their characters and bring fantasy role playing to a whole new level of authenticity. Through a unique model of decentralized IP development, the project is being expressed in a vast array of media. Highlights over the past few months include a TV development deal with Titmouse animation (BIG MOUTH), the community owned “Book of Lore” (on-chain lore scribing), production of a 10 comic mini-series, an art DAO, and a team-up with Coinbase NFT for exclusive drops.For information about the land sale visit For news and updates, follow us on Twitter, join our Discord, or sign up for updates at

About Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult

The Wizard’s Cult is a collaborative legendarium made up of 10,000 unique Wizard NFT’s. The NFT holder is the Wizard owner – holding not only the image but the character and essence of that Wizard, giving each holder the opportunity to create stories, animations, artwork, poems, and music about their character. Each Wizard Image is 50×50 pixels, scaled to 400×400 with a unique name and trait – each Wizard, rooted in the decentralized Ethereum blockchain is greater than the sum of its parts creating a platform of stories and experiences unique to the creative community.

About Bisonic

Bisonic is a metaverse video game developer and publisher consisting of AAA industry veterans. They produce high-quality metaverse games on the blockchain, where players can create value, engage, and compete with communities in fun and meaningful ways. Visit for more information.

About Magic Machine

Magic Machine is a next-generation studio embracing the technology of tomorrow. They are disrupting traditional media by creating decentralized ownership of IP and characters. Wizards are just the beginning. The team’s expertise includes a rich understanding of blockchain technology, storytelling, IP expansion, media and entertainment, and online community building.

Learn more about The Cult here:  
Contact : Lynda Dorf – – 424.645.4620

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