Eve of Memory Event Recap

The Eve of Memory Event wrapped up earlier this month, and we have so much thanks and gratitude as a team for the reception it had from you, the community. We’re still reading through feedback every day (speaking of – fill our our post-event survey if you haven’t yet already!) and starting to grind on what comes next. But we all wanted to take a moment to reflect back on the love, excitement, and pure joy we felt from the last couple of weeks.

We set out to provide a small, pre-alpha look at what we’re building in a way that we thought would be fun and provide a little taste of the unfinished gameplay loops. We expected the most dedicated Wizards out there to hop in for a day or two to see what the Runiverse had to offer, but what happened blew us away. 

Despite an early hiccup with the contract, the Watchers Rings minted out in about 5 minutes, and the collection game was on as Wizzies swept the floor and grabbed up any rings they could on secondary.

We launched the build and almost immediately our servers thought a DDOS attack was underway. But no, it was just all of you fine Wizards trying to cross over from the Elsewhere into the Runiverse! We had to immediately scale up servers and change the way they were dealing with traffic to keep them up. Our programming team probably slept an average of 55 minutes for the first few days of the event. 

Once things were stable, we were able to get a better look at the numbers. Things were going, well, magically. Every day we had more people playing than the previous day. In normal F2P gaming, you spend massive amounts of money to bring in new players each day, but we weren’t spending a dime. Word of mouth and you, the community, were doing it for us. By the end of the event, 128% MORE people were playing on day 7 than were playing on day 1. We over doubled the number of people in the game. The excitement from all of you also got some pretty exciting new Wizards to join the Cult.

Not only that, but people were playing A TON. We thought there was probably 10-15 hours of gameplay content in the build, but we saw people playing well, well beyond that. Heck, some people were even live streaming themselves playing for longer than that in ONE SITTING

Now here’s where things get crazy. In normal F2P gaming, having 10% of people who started playing on one day still playing a week later is a very exciting number. For this event? 40% of people who logged in to check things out on the first day logged in on the last day of the event too. Mind-boggling. 

And all that gameplay accomplished some amazing things. 

1,123 people hit max level on at least one character, and for more than a quarter of people, one character in the game wasn’t enough! 26% of players made at least two characters, and in fact, one wild wizard made 30 characters over the course of the week. Where do you think all those Wizards are hanging out? 

Grinding bosses was a great way to earn XP, materials and recipes to craft items with. Some wizard named grety earned 2,959,393 XP on their account. But killing bosses wasn’t the best way to get there – our most prolific boss killer ZeratulAud had 3,267 boss kills but was #724 in most XP earned.

Seriously, we can’t believe how many bosses got taken down. Defeating 100 bosses is a pretty amazing feat, but 685 of you defeated over 100 bosses each.

And bits and pieces of them went into an insane spate of creativity crafting items:

And that crafting was the path to returning Magic to the Runiverse through Mana. Combined, everyone playing the Eve of Memory Event contributed nearly 20 Million Mana back into the world. In fact, more mana was earned than purchased from the Mana Shop during the Eve of Memory event – meaning most of the rewards you all earned from this event actually came from playing and exploring the Runiverse.

736 Land Plots were earned in the event. Nobody happened to be lucky enough to roll the Town plot, but there are a (lucky) number of you who will be the lord of your own Village! If you earned a Land Plot, you’ll be added to a claim list to be able to mint that Plot to be able to use it in game. 

We had some kerfuffles with the Quantum Gifts during the event as we had to pause minting and shift to a new contract mid-way through, but despite the pause, you all minted 15,905 Quantum Gifts to Arbitrum https://opensea.io/collection/forgotten-runiverse-items. Each of these gifts will reveal an item exclusive to the Eve of Memory Event. If you earned one here, you might want to hold onto it – there might be some other secrets up our sleeves for later!

Here’s the full breakdown of Quantum Gifts earned from the Eve of Memory Event.

Gold Gifts
Type 1468461509504
Type 2452452480450
Silver Gifts
Type 1837878908884
Type 2850832883814
Type 3900936864863
Bronze Gifts
Type 16132470161894642
Type 24684466346044680
Type 34862462747504748
Type 44710467645364595
Type 54590471646744581

As a reminder, any unminted Quantum Gifts will remain in your account and can be minted in a future event. 

So what’s next?

We’re still reviewing all the feedback we received to help guide development’s next steps, but the team is already back hard at work building. Please fill our our post-event survey so we get as complete a picture as possible!

This build isn’t a perfect representation of what we’re building, the team has a lot of work to do on improving almost every aspect of the experience – from combat, to how you interact with other players, gather materials, and craft, to things that weren’t even in this build at all but are incredibly important to our vision and your experience – the quest system, character progressions and specialization, and of course Land and building on it. We’ve always been laboring to make something special, and we hope this little pre-alpha taste helps to point the way to what we’re building.

We can’t wait to show you more in the near future. Until then, we hope everyone enjoys the holidays and continues to share the love and passion that we saw from you all over the past few weeks. WAGMI – we swear. <3