Eve of Memory Event Launches November 8

The Eve of Memory Event Kicks off with Limited Watcher’s Ring Mint

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming limited time gameplay event to take place within Forgotten Runiverse – “Eve of Memory!” This event will transport you into the Runiverse to join The Watcher’s on their mission to reclaim the Runiverse and remember what has long been forgotten.

The Event will offer the first in-game opportunity to earn Runiverse Land. Everything kicks off on November 8 with the ability to enter the Elsewhere to mint Watcher’s Rings and join the ranks of the Watchers, a secretive group responsible for bringing Wizards and Magic back to the Runiverse. Following the mint, players will gain access to enter the Runiverse to experience the world and create-to-earn in-game for the first time while earning additional rewards up to and including a Seal of Tenure to claim a Land Plot NFT in the future.

About the Event

When the event launches, anyone will be able to join the Runiverse and create-to-earn in game. After a limited mint of 700 Watcher’s Rings starting at 9:00am PT, access to the gameplay event will begin at 10:00am PT. Players will step into the Watchers’ first foothold into the Runiverse where the Wizard sects are gathering to attempt to return magic and memory to the Runiverse and push back the Quantum Shadow. From this foothold, players will equip themselves with powerful artifacts and Memory Crystals, and venture into the world to reclaim what has been lost.

This event is a vertical slice demo of the game intended to help us to gather feedback and give you, the community an opportunity to support the game and become involved with a chance to earn unique rewards.

Watcher’s Ring Mint

This collection of Rings was created by the secretive Watchers. When the world first began to decay and fall to the Quantum Shadow, the vast majority of magic in the world was snuffed out. Members of the Watchers from all seven wizard sects recognized what was to come and imbued these special rings with magic and knowledge.

The wearers of the rings had the unique ability to remember despite their entrapment in the Elsewhere and are able to call upon their memories to enhance their skills with Mana. The Watchers collaboration with the Wizard cults resulted in a collection of 8 types of Rings that could be worn to access their memories and benefits.

The Mint will offer the chance to mint one of 700 Watcher’s Rings and join the exclusive group of Watchers within the Runiverse. Each of these Watchers will have an improved chance to earn Land and Quantum Gifts during the limited-time Eve of Memory Event. By holding a ring during the event, you’ll gain additional Mana each day (premium in-game resource), have improved reward odds from sacrificing Mana at the Font of Memories, and be able to imbue crafted items for less Mana than other players.

The mint will take place in three waves.

Wizard Window
Nov 8, 9:00:00 am PT – 9:29:59 am PT

This 30-minute window will allow all members of the Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult the opportunity to mint a ring before anyone else. Any wallet holding a Wizard at 10:00am PT on Nov 7 will be included in this window along with a few specific partners.

Community Window
Nov 8, 9:30:00 am PT – 9:59:59 am PT

This 30-minute window will allow engaged community members the chance to mint any remaining rings following the Wizard Window. We’ll generate this Community List from a selection of users signed up on our Premint as well as any holder of a Forgotten Runes collection NFT. For a chance to join the Community Window, sign up on Premint at https://premint.xyz/forgotten-runiverse

Open Public Mint & Eve of Memory Event Live
Nov 8, 10:00:00 am PT – Nov 15, 9:59:59am PT

Following the Community Window, anyone with a wallet may connect and mint any remaining rings. This coincides with the launch of the game build for the Eve of Memory Event so anyone can jump directly into the Runiverse to begin their adventure and race to earn one of the limited Seals of Tenure and Quantum Gifts!

For full details and an FAQ on the mint, check out our Mint Guide and FAQ Blog.

Gameplay Rewards

With a little help from the few remaining mages in the physical world, a window from the Elsewhere has become a door to the Runiverse. The wizards of the past who were once banished must return magic to the world in order to restore the memory of what was, and push back the Absence.

Along the way, you’ll discover fragments of the past and earn your place within the Runiverse.

By collecting recipes, crafting items, and exploring the Runiverse, you will earn Mana and return it to the world through crafting and claiming blessings from the Font of Memory. Burn Mana at the Font of Memory to release it back into the Runiverse and earn a special blessing in return. Doing so will earn you crafting materials, Quantum Gifts, or Seals of Tenure.

Crafting Materials can be used to create equipment and crystals to empower your character with new spells and to improve their stats and allow you to venture further into the Runiverse.

Quantum Gifts will grant their owner a special item in the full game’s release. These Quantum Gifts can also be minted to Arbitrum to grant you the ability to display, trade or resell them. Unminted Quantum Gifts will be tracked in the game database and can also be claimed with the same account at the game’s full release. 10,000 total Quantum Gifts will be available to be earned during the Eve of Memory Event.

A Seal of Tenure grants the owner an in-game land plot of a specific size. Seals will not be mintable during the event. Accounts that earn a Seal of Tenure will be added to a claim list and will be able to mint their land plot after our first public Land Sale. 1,001 total Seals of Tenure will be available in the Font of Memory during the Eve of Memory Event.

While a Watcher’s Ring is not required to step through the portal from the Elsewhere, those who wear them will find great benefit inside the Runiverse. Be sure to sign up to join the Community Mint Window at https://premint.xyz/forgotten-runiverse/ and keep up to date on the event at https://twitter.com/runiversegame/