Community Creators to Keep an Eye On

The lifeblood of any community are the people who take it upon themselves to help build and maintain that community. Building in a community can take many forms. It can be something entertaining like artwork, music, or animation, but just as important are the people who form the connective backbone through facilitating conversations and activities, building tools to support the community, contributing stories, and really just being involved in making sure the community is welcoming and a positive place to be! 

Here’s a short list of some amazing creators and community resources that are adding value to the Runiverse community. Make sure to check out what they’re doing!

Shared stories and experiences help to form the backbone of our connections to each other and the identity we share as a community. These artists and entertainers help contribute to giving us shared experiences to relate to, remember, and enjoy.

Content and Information

Bonzo – Cult Content Creator and Interviewer of Cult Celebrities.
Lehnwaa – NFT Youtuber and Influencer
NightOwlBirdman – Parody Creator and Cult Fanatic


Sweetbread – NFT artist specializing in colorfully stylized pixel art!
Ozzmabro – Pixel Artist/Painter and a crew member of MafriendsArt.
Critikal – Cult illustrator with many cult pieces.
Shaman Voidoth – Shaman and Illustrator 
Ickleelk – Skilled Painter in the art of Watercoloring
Tania Del Rio – Amazing Author and Artist of Comics, Frogs, and more.
Wise Sam – Pixel artist creating Forgotten Runes animations
Seemikedraw – Cartoonist giving Forgotten Runes that Saturday Morning Cartoon style
Pva – Creating comic styled Runiverse illustrations for the cult
Nonnonnon – Japanese artist chibifying Wizards of all kinds
Shadow – Bringing in the cool with illustrations in action
Taro – 3D artist making warrior and wizard sculptures.

Games and Activities

Meepledad – Board Game and DND Enthusiast hosting weekly lore workshops.
Artisrock – Creator of minimalistic Wizards with maximum personality.

Forging and Crafters

Twocrows – A skilled artificer of Jewelry and Accessories
Waffles – Cartoon Illustrator and figurine crafter
TheOneWhoRings – Costume Extraordinaire and Cult Welcomer

Music and Stories

Lorepunk – A lore-centric bard and storyteller.
DrSlurp & Cookietree – Musician and Glitch art duo.
Cruciforce – Storybuilding his own comic, featuring wizards as well!

A community can’t exist without organizers to connect its members, and the tools for them and the community itself to find and maintain connection. Like our own community manager Madotsuki these people and their creations have and continue to help to connect us all.

Forgotten Market by TV 
The Forgotten Market is the one-stop shop for all Forgotten Runes related NFTs, made entirely by the community for the community. Community developer TV created this site to not only help hardcore collectors specifically narrow down their next purchases with advanced filters not found elsewhere, but also to help newcomers navigate all the collections under the Forgotten Runes umbrella to easily pick a character they resonate with most. Not only does the Forgotten Market have lower fees than other marketplaces like OpenSea, but the fees collected from this marketplace are donated entirely to the Forgotten Runes House of Wizards DAO.

Wizard Guide (rarity guide) by Jintao.eth 
The first community made tool for Forgotten Runes. After recognizing that the hidden affinity attribute of Wizards and names weren’t properly accounted for in OpenSea or commonly used rarity tools, resident developer Jintao created a rarity guide more fitting for dedicated collectors. 

Wizard Spells by Ozzz, aranair, and Niski
This fun website generates unique spells for your Wizard. Using AI generation tools, each spell is truly unique, with generative attributes and even an AI generated pixel art depiction of the spell as well. This project was made entirely free for all FRWC holders, highlighting the willingness of the community to build for the benefit of all holders.

House of Wizards DAO
The House of Wizards is the DAO formed specifically to help fund art and projects for the Forgotten Runes ecosystem. As a community of talented creatives and builders, there’s always someone looking to make something new to push Forgotten Runes further. Community members can create proposals for funding requests that can be voted on by token holders.

Add Your Contribution

Of course, the Forgotten Runes community is full of makers and is founded most of all on the collaborative stories they tell. Most community collaboration was sparked by stories, jokes, and themes created by holders and written into the Book of Lore. Take a dive into the Book of Lore to discover more about each of the various Wizards and Warriors in this glowing community: 

The book of Lore the collaborative compelimium of stories making up Forgotten Runes. Many writers, artists, musicians, and other creatives upload entries for Forgotten Runes NFTs they own; allowing holders to engage in decentralized worldbuilding. It’s a foundational part of Forgotten Runes that serves as a catalyst for creativity.

The Wizzypedia is a community built Wiki for Forgotten Runes. It’s relatively new and still being built out by dedicated contributors. It allows for detailed explanations on not only things within the Runiverse, but anything generally associated with Forgotten Runes. Whether you want to discover more about a specific location within the Runiverse, learn about a Runiverse related meme, or brush up on trivia behind the project, the Wizzypedia is the perfect place to get a deeper dive into all things Forgotten Runes related.