Guide to Our First Playable Pre-Alpha Build

Jump into the Runiverse today! Our first playable pre-alpha build is live now until Friday, June 24! We want to be very clear – this is a pre-Alpha build that is not representative of the final experience. This first playable demo will allow you to get a first taste of what the world looks like and to discover the various regions. The vast majority of core gameplay is missing, but we were just so excited about the world that we had to share it with you! 

To celebrate the first chance everyone has to join their fellow Cult members in the virtual world of Forgotten Runiverse, we’re hosting an epic scavenger hunt for the Frogs of the Forgotten Runiverse with some amazing prizes. Read on in this post to learn about the current gameplay mechanics and maybe find out a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the world.

Getting Started

This build of the game is relatively bare-bones, but the main thing you can do is explore and chat with other explorers in your vicinity. The game world is running on servers that will only show a certain number of players in an area, so you might not currently be able to see your friends if an area is busy. When the game fully releases, we’ll allow you to choose the server you play on so that you can always group and connect with your friends.

Loading Your Wizard

When you first open the game, you will be prompted to connect your Metamask Wallet. We’d recommend doing this immediately as that’s how we’ll be able to track how many Frogs you’ve collected and award prizes later. You’ll also be able to use any of the FRWC Wizard’s you own to use in game this way! For now, we’ve just created all the art for their heads, but in the full game you’ll have the full unique custom body and items for your Wizard. For now, we have not yet started implementing Warriors. If you don’t own an FRWC Wizard, you’ll be given a Wanderer with one of a selection of cloak colors.

Basic Movement and Using the Map

You’ll be able to move your character by using the W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard, or by clicking on locations on the map. You can speed up your movement by collecting Light Bulb Frogs to get speed boosts, or by pressing [Q] to hop on a Flying Disc and whisking away.

If you need to cover a large distance to meet up with a friend or find a Frog, you might want to fast travel to a point of interest by pressing [M] to open the map, then selecting the location you want to travel to with your mouse’s LEFT CLICK.

The Hunt: Progress and Power Ups

You’ll be able to activate any Light Bulb Frogs you find in the world by pressing the Interact (F) button or by using the mouse’s RIGHT CLICK button while mousing over a Frog once you’re standing next to one. Once activated you’ll get a confirmation screen and the Frog will light up!

Communicating and Collaborating

For now, we have a chat system for local discussions with users near you in-game. You can open this by pressing [ENTER], typing your message then sending it by pressing [ENTER] again. Since this is just an early prototype, you might want to jump on over to our Discord to collaborate and communicate with other adventurers when they’re not near you.

Help and Support

If you’re running into any issues or find any bugs in the build, feel free to submit them at this form, or join us in Discord and head to the #bugs channel!

What’s Not in This Build

If you’ve read our game overview, you’ll know we have big plans for the Runiverse. This build is really just a VERY early look at the world. It is missing almost all the core gameplay loops that we plan for the final release. 

Social Features

The full game will allow you to join and manage guilds and communicate with other players through chat and emotes. You’ll also be able to group up, trade, and of course engage in PvP combat. As the game scales, we’ll allow you to change the server you’re on to connect better with friends, but this first playable won’t include that option.

Quests and Story

There is no story existing in the current build, but we’ll eventually have a whole living world of NPCs to collect quests from, get to know, and interact with as you uncover the secrets and rewards of the Forgotten Runiverse


You’ll be able to engage in 4v4 battles, dungeons, and PvP challenges later down the road. These will all depend on your collaborative party and levels to determine your success. Combat will be active but using a turn-based system as you cast spells and attacks to defeat your enemies.

Harvesting and Crafting

A huge part of creating in Forgotten Runiverse is crafting your own unique items. While you can’t do that in the First Playable, we’re developing a system that will let you harvest materials from plots all across the world, discover and learn recipes, and enhance your crafting skills to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind creations in game that you’ll be able to mint to the blockchain and trade in-game or on secondary markets. 

Character Customization and Improvement

For now, you’ll just be able to explore using your FRWC Wizard, or a basic Wizard. We’re still working on adding hundreds of Wizard customizations which you’ll be able to craft and use in-game, and of course as you level up you’ll have the ability to customize your Wizard’s stats and abilities. For now, none of this is present in the First Playable.

Plot Management

In the full game, you’ll be able to manage the plots you own and see how people are using them. This will include things like upgrading you plots, renting them out, or harvesting from them yourself. Since you can’t do any of this interacting yet, we’ve also moved back our first Land Mint until we have more of those features implemented. 

The Runiverse will not be Forgotten. See you in-game next week!