Hunt for the Lightbulb Frogs

Some thought the Runiverse forgotten, but for the Cult, it has always existed. You’ll can jump in and explore for the first time in our limited-time preview pre-alpha build from now until June 24! Check out a quick first gameplay preview overview here to see what will be available in the build or keep reading to learn about a special adventure that will be waiting for you.

To celebrate the first chance everyone will have to join their fellow Cult members in the virtual world of Forgotten Runiverse, we’re hosting an epic scavenger hunt to find, forage, and friend the Light Bulb Frogs of the Forgotten Runiverse. There are three important pieces here:

  1. Find Frogs and Explore the Runiverse
  2. Hop-to-it to Win Prizes
  3. Create-to-Earn out of Game

How to Participate

Follow these simple steps to participate!

  1. Sign up with your Metamask Wallet on our Premint Page
  2. Once the build is live, tell your friends and head to Runiverse.World and click ‘Play Now’ to start playing
  3. When prompted, connect your Metamask Wallet
  4. Search far and wide to find Light Bulb Frogs!

Prizes for Participating

You might want to hop on this chance to earn some awesome prizes in and out of game! The first set of prizes are the speed-related ones. We’ll be tracking the folks who manage to complete the Frog Hunt (Activating 100 Light Bulb Frogs in-game while your Metamask Wallet is linked) the quickest.

  • Find 30 or more Light Bulb Frogs to boost your place in the Allow List.
  • The first 5 people to activate 100 Light Bulb Frogs will earn a free Warrior in the FRWC collection, and a Homestead Land Plot. They’ll also earn preferred placement in the Allow List for our upcoming Land Mint.
  • Players 6-25 will earn a Homestead Land Plot along with preferred placement in the Allow List for our upcoming Land Mint.

You’ll also get some fun in-game rewards for participating! During the Hunt, you’ll gain benefits to help you track your progress. 

  • 10 speed boosts
  • 5 unique auras to stand out in-game
  • 10 achievements (each of which will unlock a fun bonus for you in the game’s 1.0 release)

*To claim Mint List access, you must have also registered on our Premint page.

Want to know who has found the most frogs and what prizes can still be won? Join our Discord where we’ll be sharing updates on the leaderboard of the top 25 players who have found the most Frogs.

Create to Earn

We love to see the community come together to create as well, and want to recognize those contributions. We’ll be rewarding the people who contribute to the scavenger hunt out of game. For the creators in our community, we’ll be giving away 5 Warriors, and 25 Homestead Land Plots. 

To qualify, just follow these simple steps!

  1. Sign up with your email on our Premint page.
  2. Create something that contributes to the Hunt for the Light Bulb Frogs (unique art, resources for the community, frog-inspired songs, maybe a real-life Light Bulb Frog sculpture?) 
  3. Share your creation with the community (Twitter, Reddit, your hometown’s public square…) using #ForgottenRuniverse
  4. Post in the #The-Hunt-is-On Channel on our Discord with a link to where you shared your creation

We’ll choose winners over the course of the Hunt. All winners will be chosen by June 30. Prizes will be delivered prior to our first Public Land Sale.

Want more opportunities to be rewarded for your creative contributions to the community? Make sure to sign up with our Creator’s Cult Application form – or use it to nominate a favorite creator!

We’ll update this post when the build is live. Keep an eye on Twitter and Discord to hear as soon as it’s live on June 20!

Disclaimer: Bisonic reserves the right to invalidate any entry and to make changes to prizes and distribution at our sole discretion for reasons including but not limited to use of exploits, hacks, other nefarious activities, or other reasons not listed here.