Hunt for the Light Bulb Frog Event Recap and Winners

Last week we made the first pre-alpha game build for Forgotten Runiverse publicly available for five days and we had thousands join to explore the Runiverse. We also ran a little event to collect Light Bulb Frogs within the world. As our first look at the game we were very happy about your participation in what we’re building. Today we’re excited to share some results from the event and identify the prize winners for best hunters and creators from the event!

As a reminder, here were the prizes for the Frog Hunt:

  • Find 30 or more Light Bulb Frogs to boost your place in the Allow List.
  • The first 5 people to activate 100 Light Bulb Frogs will earn a free Warrior in the FRWC collection, and a Homestead Land Plot. They’ll also earn preferred placement in the Allow List for our upcoming Land Mint.
  • Players 6-25 will earn a Homestead Land Plot along with preferred placement in the Allow List for our upcoming Land Mint.

Top 25 Winners From The Frog Hunt

Big congrats to our top 5 winners. Here are their MetaMask public wallet IDs:

  1. 0XFDA********************************54C5A
  2. 0XE66********************************DCF18
  3. 0X642********************************779B4
  4. 0XB38********************************5B680
  5. 0XEF5********************************BB4D2
  6. 0XOBF********************************FD9B0
  7. 0X16A********************************6B3AE
  8. 0X42C********************************B246E
  9. 0X94D********************************440FF
  10. 0X349********************************FE5F1
  11. 0X6D1********************************C6E62
  12. 0X005********************************3CDBE
  13. 0XF62********************************A9D9D
  14. 0X578********************************7CEB5
  15. 0XFCB********************************B278D
  16. 0X02D********************************23DB7
  17. 0X3EA********************************983DB
  18. 0X402********************************1950B
  19. 0X5BA********************************F803F
  20. 0X919********************************36038
  21. 0XE15********************************511BF
  22. 0XEA2********************************9C9E0
  23. 0X265********************************2C23A
  24. 0X6DF********************************F51CA
  25. 0XD0C********************************E67A0

Way to find those frogs!

Top 5 Creative Submissions From The Community

We also put a call out to creators to be creative and contribute to the community during the event for a chance to win a variety of prizes such as Warriors and Homestead land plots. We were so inspired and impressed by the incredible creative submissions from members of our community on social media. Check out some of our favorites:

And here’s the top 25 creators who we felt added the most value to the event. Everyone is so talented and it was so hard to pick winners. Go check out their work and follow them on social media. Extra shoutout to some of our top Discord followers who, in addition to submitting art, have also been highly active in the community!

  1. @granadolea on Twitter
  2. @whatsgoodty on Twitter
  3. @ozzzmabro on Twitter
  4. @CryptoCritikal on Twitter
  5. @MafriendsArt on Twitter
  6. @WildMageXiaobo on Twitter
  7. @SEETHEWIZARD69 on Twitter
  8. @pwnSTA on Twitter
  9. @WoodenMushroom1 on Twitter
  10. @MafriendsArt on Twitter
  11. @FrwcGame on Twitter
  12. @_artxie_ on Twitter
  13. @DominusSpinae on Twitter
  14. @emmaleightly on Twitter
  15. @youngwhizzie on Twitter
  16. @horaceofshadow on Twitter
  17. @atinychair on Twitter
  18. Pleasures#0001 on Discord
  19. Vivi#9887 on Discord
  20. @ytstrjs on Twitter
  21. HighTac#9730 on Discord
  22. @taniadelrio on Twitter
  23. @heypva on Twitter
  24. Doodler#0001 on Discord
  25. @lorepunkdoteth on Twitter

If you’d like to work with us in the future as a creator, you can fill out a creators cult application form here.

When Prizes Will Be Awarded

For the top 5 winners from both the Frog Hunt and the Creator Submissions, your Warriors will be transferred to your wallet by July 14th.

For the top 25 winners of the Frog Hunt and the top 25 creators, your land plots will be granted in the lead up to our land sale. We’ll have more details on this as we get closer to our land mint, but will confirm with the winners to ensure we have the correct wallet addresses.

If you found at least 30 frogs, we’ll boost your wallet address in our allow list.

For the achievements you received, there will be a surprising in-game award that you’ll receive. We can’t tell you more just yet, but here’s a hint: it will be some unique cosmetic rewards πŸ˜‰