Why We’re Making Forgotten Runiverse

We’re very excited to be partnering with Magic Machine and the Wizard’s Cult to develop and release Forgotten Runiverse. Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult is such a unique and exciting project that we couldn’t be more happy to be building a virtual world for the Cult to interact and have shared experiences within.

Our goal is to create a really engaging and fun MMORPG that can stand on its own through the years while using the blockchain to revolutionize how value is created and shared and make the game even more fun for players who love to create and explore. 

To do that, we need to create something that lets Wizards and Warriors come together as a community to be a part of the amazing lore of FRWC. To build a place where this awesome community can interact in meaningful ways through shared experiences, storytelling and adventure. At the heart of FRWC is the fantasy of being whomever you want and taking on the role that best suits you. What better way to bring all that together than an MMORPG where all those things are possible?

A Place to Gather with Massively Multiplayer Online

At their core, MMOs are social experiences. These games enable us to have memorable shared experiences with friends and strangers. To be a success, they need to be a gathering space for communities. 

With Forgotten Runiverse, we’re starting with an already amazing community in the Cult. (Join us here on Discord!) But we are making sure to build the game to add value to those experiences as well. If you’re a Wizard or Warrior holder, you’ll automatically be added to a unique guild for your collection, if you’re not, you’ll be able to join and create your own guilds as well. Each guild can create their own private Guild Hall, and will have a shared treasury and research. 

While you’re playing the game, you’ll see some benefits from grouping up and sticking with friends as well. Most battles will be with groups of up to four total participants, but raids and dungeons will expand that even more. You’ll also be able to battle with other players in coliseums and tournaments in up to 4v4 challenges initially. You’ll be able to trade resources and creations, or collaborate to improve Land for the benefit of all. We’ll be sharing more details about how to socialize and play together (or against each other…) in the coming months as we approach launch.  

At its core, it is our hope that anyone can come experience the Runiverse. Access to play the game won’t be gated by owning an NFT, though owning one may have some sweet benefits. We want anyone to be able to jump in and play for free so that the community can grow and evolve. Those people who truly contribute will see rewards for helping to build a world and community to be a part of.

Creating a Shared Fiction in a Great Role-Playing Game

Being part of a great community means having a role to play in that community. It means having a broader world narrative and adventure to participate in, and still being able to find your own space within it; whether that’s as a seasoned warrior with harrowing tales to tell, a no-nonsense farmer dedicated to  growing and harvesting the highest yield crops and minerals, or an entertainer who puts on shows and events for their circle of friends.

The story of the Forgotten Runiverse is a collaborative one – built from members of the community who submit their lore to the Book of Lore, and from powerful storytellers who will develop stories for everyone to experience through mediums beyond our game – comics, novels, shows and more. We’ll have our own professionally written story to experience, but as the game evolves, we’ll draw on the lore the community gravitates to, much like the legends of old that were passed down and refined by each generation, the world of the Forgotten Runiverse will be meaningful and vast.

You’ll experience these stories in-game through some traditional means, like taking on quests and telling them to friends, but also through a variety of other lenses – lore you’ll find within the world, unspoken clues to history, and perhaps most importantly, from the other adventurers you’ll encounter within the world and outside of it. 

Of course, the way you interact and fulfill your chosen role is immensely important as well. In Forgotten Runiverse, we’re endeavoring to make each action meaningful – you’ll be able to customize items with different materials, paint your own unique works of art, improve your character as you level up and find or craft new gear and items, and everything you acquire or create in game you’ll be able to mint to the blockchain to take your identify and accomplishments into the broader digital world.

Adding Value for Creators with Blockchain

Over time we’ve seen an evolution in the ways that value is distributed in gaming. If we look at some of the first MMOs, all the value went to the game publishers, developers, and resellers. You would buy a product for $60 and then pay a subscription fee to continue playing. Players were banned for reselling gold, items and accounts. Then we started to see F2P games where the player began to get more value since they could play for free through the revenue that ‘whales’ gave to game companies by buying those same things players were banned for selling. Things got a little more equitable when some companies began giving content creators some revenue through affiliate fees and things like Epic’s creator program. But players still only really got value in the form of whatever content they consumed for free. 

The blockchain and smart contracts allow us to change all that. For the first time, we believe that value can really be generated primarily for and by the community by creating in-game, and earning from secondary royalties on their creations down the line. 

Forgotten Runiverse is our way of bringing to life all the promises and dreams our team has had since playing early MMORPGs like Eve, Ultima Online, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. We’ve all watched the evolution of gaming and the ebbs and flows as the broader community has slowly gained more and more value from the products that they help to make successful. 

That initial feeling of ‘wow, I crafted this amazing thing’ only to have it dashed when a server goes offline is horrible. Forgotten Runiverse lets you truly own the things you create and to benefit from them. Every resource is a token, every item an NFT. If you take the time to gather resources, level up, and craft an epic hammer made to smite the strongest of dragons – it’s yours. You can mint that item onto the Ethereum blockchain and it can’t disappear in an instant. You can sell that to an up-and-coming dragon hunter to aid in his quest, or you can display it proudly in your wallet so that other Wizards and Warriors will know that you’re a real, dedicated part of the community who they can rely on. And maybe down the road, you can take it into another experience, or see it in your Warrior’s hands in a comic book. 

Each piece of Land in the Runiverse will be unique and the supply finite. You’ll be able to earn from letting other players benefit from the resources and energy you use to improve your land, and by building it up, you’ll make the world better for everyone and benefit the broader community, not just yourself. 

We’re looking at the blockchain not as an end in itself, but as a powerful means to allow us to make the MMORPG experience more valuable for all of you who play and create within it. We’re not making a game where everyone plays to earn, but a game where anyone can play for free, and builders can create to earn. 

While this game, Forgotten Runiverse, is being built, we truly believe it is just the beginning. As the dedicated Wizards and Warriors of the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult know, this is a powerful and growing community and world. The Magic Machine team are building comics, TV shows, and with our help, a game to bring the lore and dedication of the community to life. We know this is only going to keep growing and getting stronger. If you’re at the FRWC party at NFT.NYC, you’ll get to see a glimpse of this magic in meatspace. We know this is just the beginning, and we want everyone to be able to play for free, and create to earn.

– The Forgotten Runiverse Team


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