The Eve of Memory Event is Live

We’re excited to announce that the Eve of Memory Event is now live! Join us at

Join the Forgotten Runiverse community and step into the Runiverse to stake your claim in the world as a member of the secretive and long-lost Watcher’s Order in the Eve of Memory event!

Got questions? Check out our Minting FAQ and Gameplay Guide for more details about the event.

Long ago there was an event known as the Singularity, and an age that followed. Little now is known of that time, other than that it reshaped the earth and brought magic into the world. The time of the Singularity was brought to an end by a cataclysm known as the Schism, an event that separated magic from the Runiverse, sending it to a realm called the Elsewhere, and with it, the wizards of the Singularity. For many centuries following the Schism, all seemed well; humanity moved on and some remnants of magic remained to aid in the rebuilding of society. 

But all was not well. Something was growing along the edge of reality, eating away the Runiverse, bit by bit, a plague known as the Absence; a creeping fog that swallowed not just the land, but all memory of what was once there.

Now, the world is on the brink. The Absence has nearly swallowed the whole of the physical Runiverse. Nearly all has been forgotten. What is remembered is fragmented and unreliable. But there is still hope.

With a little help from the few remaining mages in the physical world, a window from the Elsewhere has become a door to the Runiverse. The wizards of the past who were once banished must return magic to the world in order to restore the memory of what was, and push back the Absence.

Join the adventure and play the Eve of Memory Event at